Automotive A/C Green HNBR Kit

Highly-saturated nitrile rubber (HNBR) performs well at elevated operating temperatures and is resistant to synthetic lubricants contained within air conditioning compressors as well as R-134a refrigerant. HNBR’s bright green color is the industry standard for automotive air conditioning systems.

HNBR works in all oil-resistant applications including exposure to such additives as detergents, anti-oxidants and anti-wear agents. It’s designed to withstand exposure to oil soured with metal sludge and can create seals suited for oil well applications, automotive fuel handling systems and general industrial usage.

Our Automotive Green A/C HNBR Kit consists of 200 assorted O-rings in 12 of the most commonly-used sizes.

Temperature range: 40° to +300°F (dry heat only)

Material: 70 durometer green hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR)

Each kit contains these quantities and sizes:

Automotive O-ring Kit
Part #ModelColorMaterialPriceOrder
K200X12GHSNAutomotive A/C Green HNBR KitGreenGreen 70 Durometer Highly Saturated Nitrile Rubber HNBR$43.95